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Boycott United Airlines until they permanently drop their unlawful Covid jab mandate

The airline must apologize for firing the unvaccinated.

  • 6,366

Tell the FBI to stop surveilling faithful Catholics

Catholics are not a threat to the United States. 

  • 9,470

STOP the Archdiocese of Chicago from selling church to homoerotic event planners

Prospective buyer hosted simulated homoerotic orgy in former synagogue.

  • 8,661

Stand with Officer Jacob Kersey against pro-LGBT Police Chief Matt Libby!

Christian speech about marriage must not be a punishable offense.

  • 8,967

Stand with brave priest who was SUSPENDED after defying the LGBT agenda against his abbot’s wishes!

Demand Fr. Wernersbach's full restoration to priestly ministry now!

  • 13,770

PRO-LIFE BOYCOTT: Demand CVS and Walgreens STOP Selling Abortion Pills!

STOP Walgreens and CVS from selling new abortion drugs in your neighborhood pharmacy.

  • 14,981

Tell Pope Francis that Fr. Frank Pavone's laicization must be overturned

Pro-life priest and hero Fr. Frank Pavone needs your help! Demand justice for him NOW!

  • 46,355

Stand with Josh Alexander against school that allows boys to use girls' bathrooms

He faces expulsion for protecting girls from gender-confused males.

  • 19,182

URGENT: Say No to the UK introducing a “right” to abortion

Killing the innocent is never right. 

  • 10,965