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PETITION: Support Cardinal who is condemning Amazon synod working doc as ‘apostasy’

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller has condemned the working document of the upcoming 'Amazon Synod' as APOSTASY, i.e., total repudiation of the Christian faith. Sign here and encourage the good Cardinal in his courageous stand!
  • 11,091

PETITION: Ask Abp Lori to tell Catholic university to promote Catholic identity NOT secular identity!

This petition asks Baltimore's Archbishop Lori to publicly correct the administration of Mount St. Mary's University which has recently allowed and publicly defended things which are manifestly contrary to the Catholic faith.
  • 5,894

PETITION: 'Dump Netflix' over their attack on unborn babies

Netflix has declared war on unborn babies and the pro-life movement by saying that they will work with the ACLU to fight Georgia's newly-signed Heartbeat Bill. It's time to 'Dump Netflix!!'
  • 29,283

PETITION: Support Canadian priest rebuked by archbishop for opposing LGBT Pride

Tell Fr. Robert Chisholm that you support his stand against Pride, and urge his archbishop to defend him in the face of protests.
  • 3,999

PETITION: Support Senior Cardinals' and Bishops' Declaration of Truths Amid Confusion in Universal Church

Support Cdl Burke, Bp Schneider and other senior Catholic prelates as they issue a ‘Declaration of Truths’ to correct rampant ‘doctrinal confusion’ in Church.
  • 9,216

PETITION: Demand US Senate REJECT Anti-Life, Anti-Christian 'Equality Act'!

The so-called 'Equality Act' has nothing to do with equality, and everything to do with promoting a radical anti-life and anti-family agenda, while suppressing Christianity and religious freedom. This dangerous bill must be vigorously opposed and rejected by Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and every US Senator.
  • 24,336

PETITION: Demand the CBC remove sex, drugs, polygamy aimed at kids on Snapchat ads

Demand that Canada's national broadcaster remove Snapchat content promoting sex, drugs, and polygamy to children.
  • 2,595

PETITION: Support Catholic Bishop who is calling for a boycott on LGBT 'Pride'

Support Bishop Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, who is calling on Catholics to avoid so-called LGBT 'pride' events because they are "contrary to [the] Catholic faith and morals," and, as they are "especially harmful for children".
  • 27,293

PETITION: Join Prayer Pledge for Cardinal Pell's Appeal Success

Prayers are being pledged in advance of Cardinal Pell's appeal against his controversial conviction - that justice is served and that he be exonerated, according to God's Will.
  • 4,006

PETITION: Tell Gillette to pull transgender shaving ad

Popular razor blade company Gillette has once again turned to social engineering to promote its brand. Ask Gillette to remove their most recent ad and reconsider their biased ad strategy.
  • 1,030