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Free Enoch Burke, the teacher jailed after not using teen's "they" pronoun

Burke was arrested and imprisoned after refusing to address a student as "They".

  • 16,892

Tell Nancy Pelosi she's wrong about abortion restrictions - killing babies is sinful

Nancy Pelosi must apologize for her outrageous claim that abortion restrictions are 'sinful'!

  • 1,254

Tell G20 to drop radical climate policies causing inflation and blackouts

Tell world leaders to reject climate alarmism and the rolling blackouts caused by their reliance on wind and solar power.

  • 9,195

Tell Republican Senators: Defend natural marriage!

Let Republican U.S. Senators know that you support the sanctity of marriage and oppose the left's efforts to degrade it by adding your name to this petition!

  • 8,558

PETITION: We won't give any money to liberal bishops who attack the Faith

Join the pledge refusing financial support to modernist bishops who undermine the Catholic Faith.

  • 10,135

PETITION: Fight back against Minneapolis teachers union's woke racism!

A new agreement between the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and Minneapolis Public Schools would prioritize lay-offs of white teachers regardless of seniority, taking the woke left's racism to extraordinary new heights!

  • 3,714

PETITION: Stop Walmart from pushing abortion for employees

Walmart is pressuring employees to abort their children with expanding abortion coverage. Defend life. Demand a pro-life work culture at America's largest private employer.

  • 5,397

Defend the Rosary: The Atlantic should apologize for anti-Catholic attack

The Atlantic has begun attacking prayer. Do not let them get away with it!

  • 7,551

Keep the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools - Don't cancel it!

Defend the Pledge from anti-American school boards. 

  • 4,940

Stop Disney’s New Drag Queen “Superhero”

Disney is getting even more brazen. Demand a stop to the LGBTQ agenda today.

  • 5,006