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'End the confusion': Pray and fast for Pope Francis (Sign the pledge)

Join countless Catholics in praying (and fasting) for Pope Francis, that he may be given the grace to speak the truth with clarity and courage.
  • 2,245

Voice of the Family prayer campaign for Church and family (Petition)

Join the campaign to ask our Lady to deliver the Church and the family from the errors and dangers that gravely threaten them today.
  • 577

PETITION: To Obama: Withdraw your extreme transgender school mandate NOW

Obama's unconscionable transgender mandate has to go. Sign the petition.
  • 94,435

Boycott Game of Thrones. Say 'no' to normalizing sexual violence. (Petition)

Game of Thrones has crossed the line. It's time to boycott a show that uses graphic and explicit depictions of rape with salacious detail for entertainment.
  • 1,809

PETITION: Notre Dame, don't honor pro-abortion Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Biden’s longstanding support for abortion and homosexual 'marriage' is a full-on scandal, and is only compounded when he's then honored by a major Catholic university.
  • 4,754

PETITION: Pope Francis, please correct the contraception confusion

The Holy Father's deeply confusing statement on contraception and Zika has created the impression that Church teaching has changed. We need a clear statement from the pope affirming Humanae Vitae.
  • 7,180

PETITION: STOP Obama's Supreme Court nominee

Obama has promised to nominate a liberal. Demand that Republicans stay firm and REJECT President Obama's nominee.
  • 2,919

PETITION: NO Planned Parenthood president at Georgetown University!

Cecile Richards is scheduled to speak at the Catholic University on April 20th. Tell them NO!
  • 9,992

PETITION: STOP plan to force Canadian Christian hospitals to euthanize patients

The Canadian government's panel on assisted suicide is recommending 'all publicly funded health care institutions,' including Catholic and Christian ones, be forced to 'provide medical assistance in dying.'
  • 6,349

PETITION: I stand with Manny Pacquiao against LGBT bullies

Manny Pacquiao is under vicious attack simply for pointing out that men and women complement one another.
  • 34,398