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PETITION: Twitter suspends pro-life movie 'Unplanned' on opening weekend, resets followers

Twitter first suspended Unplanned's account, then reset their follower count. Meanwhile, they're automatically causing people to unfollow the movie.
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PETITION: Don't force Canadian elementary schools to fly the homosexual 'pride' flag this June

This petition pushes back against a trend wherein a growing number of school boards across Canada are ordering every school in their district to fly the homosexual "pride" flag for the month of June.
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PETITION: Stop NY county banning unvaccinated kids from churches, public places

UPDATE: Parents in Rockland County (NY) have filed a lawsuit to quash the 30-day vaccines order which has banned their children from gathering in public places for the past week. Read and SIGN.
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PETITION: Thank President Trump for strengthening the ban on funding abortion overseas!

President Trump is strengthening the Mexico City Policy to bar taxpayer funds from supporting abortion. Let's thank him!
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PETITION: Tell the UN to help stop abortion of Down Syndrome babies

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day. This petition tells the UN to help stop eugenic abortion - on the grounds of Down Syndrome or other hereditary genetic conditions.
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VICTORY: Stop Physician Assisted Suicide in Maryland

VICTORY! On March 27th, the MD State Senate voted against the so-called “End-of-Life Option Act”, ensuring that the poor, disabled and vulnerable of Maryland will not be pressured to take their own lives.
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PETITION: Tell Marvel that children are not 'ready' for LGBT superheroes

Tell Marvel Studios to scrap an idea to sexualize their films by making one of the leading characters a homosexual.
  • 11,449

PETITION: Support Archbishop Naumann's defense of the Catholic faith

Archbishop Naumann has had the integrity to deny a kindergarten place to the child of a same-sex couple in order to safeguard the innocence of the school's other children...and, Church teaching on marriage.
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PETITION: Tell House to vote on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

UPDATE: The official discharge petition has been filed in the House. Tell Representatives in the House to publicly reject infanticide and support a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (H.R. 962).
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PETITION: Disinvite Cardinal Mahony from Religious Ed Conference NOW!

With the ongoing accusations of sex-abuse cover-ups in Church, this petition calls on the LA Archdiocese Religious Ed Conference to disinvite Cardinal Mahony - known to have covered for abuser-priests - from speaking at the conference.
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