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SIGN THE BOYCOTT: Say NO to Disney pushing LGBT agenda to preschoolers

'Disney has been happy to celebrate' my same-sex 'marriage,' according to the show's writer.
  • 8,787

Thank Donald Trump for banning transgenders from military service

We support President Trump's decision to ban transgenders from military service.
  • 5,231

Pray for Charlie Gard's parents, ending battle for Charlie's life

Pray for parents who have had to endure such awful suffering.
  • 1,395

Say NO to Army forcing women to shower with ‘transgender’ men

US Army is forcing women soldiers to accept gender-confused men in their showers and bathrooms!
  • 7,662

Send a 'get well' card to congressman shot for pro-life views

Steve Scalise is back in intensive care after being shot last month.
  • 584

Support Charlie Gard, forced off life support by judge

Send a message to the hospital threatening to take this sick baby off of life support!
  • 10,371

Twitter, stop censoring pro-life truth!

Twitter says that images of ultrasounds and videos exposing Planned Parenthood are too offensive!
  • 2,957

Thank Catholic bishop attacked for denying Communion, funerals to those in gay "marriage"

Illinois Bishop Thomas Paprocki for defending Catholic teaching on homosexuality! Send him your support!
  • 8,053

Supreme Court, UNDO same-sex ‘marriage’

Gay ‘marriage’ has been legal for two years too many! It's time for the Supreme Court to stand up for the family and the constitution.
  • 7,444