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PETITION: Tell the National Education Association to stop pushing Leftist politics on our kids!

Tell the National Education Association - the largest teachers union in the US - to stop lobbying for every Left-wing cause and focus on teaching again!
  • 7,971

BOYCOTT Barbie: Tell Mattel to STOP pushing gender-neutral dolls on kids!

Parents should boycott Mattel until the company discontinues a line of gender-neutral dolls which puts adults' sexual politics before the interests of children.
  • 320

PETITION: Defend nurses' right to conscientious objection on abortion in Vermont public hospital!

HHS has concluded that the University of Vermont Med Center broke federal law by forcing a nurse to help commit an abortion against her will. Nurses' conscientious objection must be defended AND the OBGYN Chair, Ira M. Bernstein, must be removed.
  • 9,052

PETITION: Demand TX Legislature STOP Child Protection Services From Illegally Taking Children

Texas Child Protection Services are separating children from good families without cause (some of whom are pictured above). Legal reform must now be supported by the Texas Legislature to increase accountability and add structure to the requirements for removing children from their parents.
  • 15,597

PETITION: Tell KS Governor to rescind outrageous foster family LGBT indoctrination program

Demand that Democrat Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly, immediately rescind harmful new LGBT indoctrination policies on how foster placement agencies and families must place and care for children.
  • 4,462

PETITION: Stop Black Mass in Ottawa!

This petition asks the police, Mayor and Archbishop of Ottawa to do what they can to stop a hateful, sacrilegious and offensive black mass from taking place on Saturday, August 17th.
  • 8,172

PETITION UPDATE: Apple News reinstates LifeSite's news channel

VICTORY for free speech as Apple re-enables LifeSite's channel after re-evaluating our site and content.
  • 59,339

PETITION: Catholic women call on Pope to reject female diaconate at Amazon Synod

Catholic women are calling on Pope Francis to uphold the traditional doctrine of the Church and reject a female diaconate at the Amazon Synod.
  • 9,341

PETITION: Tell Rights Tribunal to THROW OUT cases of trans ‘woman’ demanding females wax his genitals

Human rights tribunals must not be used as a tool to allow gender-confused people to force businesses to do intimate things against their will, or close shop.
  • 7,418

PETITION: The NFL and NBA must STOP promoting Drag Queen Story Hours!

NFL and NBA professional sports teams must not promote perverted Drag Queen Story Hours. Children should receive positive role models and guidance in sports, not confusing and harmful notions about human sexuality.
  • 6,601