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PETITION: Urge state governors to stop abortions during coronavirus crisis

We call on every state governor to stop all abortions as "non-essential." Abortion has never been "health care", let alone "essential."
  • 14,314

PRAYER PLEDGE: Rally around the Cross to end the coronavirus pandemic

With the spike in coronavirus infections and deaths, we turn to Almighty God in prayer and ask that He intervene to alleviate the suffering of the sick and stop further spread of the disease.
  • 4,272

PRAYER PLEDGE: Rally around the daily Rosary to stop the coronavirus

During this time of distress, we turn to Our Lady in the Holy Rosary, and ask for Her intercession to alleviate the suffering of the sick and stop further spread of the disease.
  • 5,071

PRAYER PLEDGE: Pres Trump and VP Pence are right. We need prayer to fight coronavirus

We JOIN with President Trump and VP Pence in praying to God to ask for help to stop the spread of the coronavirus and to help those already suffering.
  • 26,196

PETITION: Authorities must shut down Pornhub after showing videos of 15-year-old trafficking victim

Pornhub hosted horrific videos of a young victim of human trafficking, and claimed she was a "verified model." Pornhub should be investigated and shut down.

  • 59,207

PETITION: Urge US bishops to stop Catholic Relief Services' condom promotion

Call on the U.S. Catholic bishops to stop Catholic Relief Services from facilitating the promotion and distribution of contraception to Africans, in contravention of Catholic doctrine and identity.
  • 9,359

PETITION: Boycott Disney's new kids' film 'Onward' for pushing LGBT agenda

Parents are being called on to boycott new Disney movie 'Onward,' the studio's first animated movie with an openly homosexual character.
  • 60,742

PETITION: Join faithful German Catholics in resisting bishops’ plan to ‘Protestantize’ Church

Support faithful German Catholics who are resisting the heterodox, and possibly schismatic, aims of the so-called German "synodal path" - a Church convention run by the German bishops.
  • 11,947

PETITION: Parents demand 'Sesame Street' drop show with drag queen

Outraged parents are petitioning producers of 'Sesame Street' to drop drag queen show from lineup
  • 58,691

PETITION: US kids kidnapped by Norwegian gov’t. Urge Trump to intervene

Norway has torn apart families by kidnapping children, including American children who are still trapped in government care.

  • 2,062