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PETITION: Bernie (and Democrats) must answer questions about abortion-infanticide

Call on networks to ask Democratic candidates tough questions about abortion-infanticide in final 2020 Democratic debates.
  • 8,377

PETITION: Protect children from polygamy on HGTV's 'House Hunters'

Call on HGTV's 'House Hunters' series to stop promoting polygamy and start promoting child protection!
  • 4,802

Help others prepare for battle: Join the LifeSite Army as a Social Warrior

Join us on the frontlines of the battlefield by becoming a Social Warrior.
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URGENT PETITION: Stop House Democrats' effort to revive pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment!

The Equal Rights Amendment failed to be ratified decades ago. Efforts to lift the deadline on this pro-abortion/pro-LGBT legislation must be stopped again.
  • 10,689

PETITION: Support Cardinal Zen's plea to stop the "murder of the Church in China"

Support Cardinal Zen's letter to the College of Cardinals imploring them to seriously question the recent agreement the Vatican signed with China’s communist government.
  • 21,306

PETITION: Biological males don't belong in girls' sports - #IStandWithSelina

Boys should not be competing in girls' sports. It's common sense. Selina Soule is a girl who is fighting for girls' rights to compete against other girls. We are supporting her!
  • 186,521

PETITION: Drag queens don't belong in kids' libraries - #IStandWithRepresentativeBaker

A Missouri state legislator, Ben Baker, is being attacked for standing against Drag Queen Story Hour in public libraries. We must stand with him and support his legislation to protect children.

  • 27,571

PETITION: Puberty is not a disease! Ban transgender drugs and surgeries for minors.

Support South Dakota's HB 1057 which protects vulnerable children and their families from medical professionals who would treat puberty as a disease.
  • 5,507

PETITION: Catholics call on the Vatican to affirm all salvation comes through Jesus

In 2019, the Vatican downplayed Christ's Divinity. Faithful Christians are calling on the Vatican to profess the truth of Christ's Divinity and to affirm that salvation is only possible through Jesus and His Church.
  • 8,853

PETITION: Support Cardinal Sarah's and Pope Emeritus Benedict's Defense of Priestly Celibacy

As Pope Francis' decision on priestly celibacy approaches, Cardinal Robert Sarah's new book (with contributions from Pope Emeritus Benedict) defending priestly celibacy must be supported.
  • 13,686