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PETITION to Pope Francis: Reinstate Puerto Rico Bishop, Daniel Fernández Torres

SIGN and urge the Vatican to reinstate Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres who was summarily dismissed from his diocese without any formal canonical proceedings.

  • 14,741

SIGN, THANK and STAND with Governor Ron DeSantis against Disney's "woke" attacks

SIGN, THANK and STAND with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who is being attacked by Disney for signing a new law which prohibits sexual indoctrination of schoolchildren from Kindergarten to Third Grade.

  • 9,553

PLEDGE: Pray for Peace in Ukraine!

SIGN and pledge to pray that armed conflict in Ukraine will come to a swift end.

  • 7,036

PETITION: Pray that Hungary passes child protection referendum (against LGBT propaganda)

SIGN and PRAY for Hungary to stand strong and pass historic referendum banning LGBT propaganda and pornography for children.

  • 2,354

PETITION to Pope Francis: Consecrate Russia in the way Our Lady of Fatima asked

We urge all Catholics to plead with Pope Francis to look to Our Lady to have Her Son grant peace to the world.

  • 22,578

PETITION: Urge U.S. Bishops to publicly excommunicate Joe Biden for scandalously promoting abortion

Biden's Supreme Court nomination of abortion-friendly (and, Planned Parenthood supported) Ketanji Brown Jackson is the latest scandal demanding action from our bishops.

  • 37,755

PETITION: Urge U.S. Senate to vote down abortion defender Ketanji Brown Jackson

SIGN and urge your U.S. Senators to reject Joe Biden's abortion-friendly (and, Planned Parenthood supported) Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

  • 7,802

VICTORY - Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act!

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau rescinded the Emergencies Act amid calls from Senators to justify the extraordinary powers when no national emergency exists.

  • 20,882

PETITION: Stand with Canada's Truckers!

SIGN and SHARE this important petition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and demand he reverse course, defend the individual medical rights of ALL Canadians, and stand with the #FreedomConvoy truckers!

  • 78,800

PETITION: Stop Communist China...BUY LOCAL!

SIGN and PLEDGE to try to BUY LOCAL, rather than give your hard-earned money to the lying, Covid-spreading, genocidal, abortion-forcing, freedom-suppressing Chinese Communist Party.

  • 18,286