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Stand with Fr. Fidelis as he is jailed for defending unborn babies

Father Christopher “Fidelis” Moscinski has been jailed for participating in a Red Rose Rescue at an abortion facility in Michigan.

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Stand with Christian daycare worker fired for refusing to indoctrinate kids with LGBT agenda

A California daycare center fired Nelli Parisenkova for not reading LGBT-themed books to children as young as 1 year-old.

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The Quebec College of Physicians must not be allowed to murder infants

The doctors have proposed killing infants with disabilities. Speak out now!

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Demand that the Archdiocese of Indianapolis let Kim Zember speak!

Reformed LGTQ advocate Kim Zember has been DENIED her previously scheduled appearance at St. Luke Catholic Church. Demand that the Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis quickly reinstate her opportunity to speak!

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SIGN: The High Court must allow Peter Obi's October 1st rally to proceed

The #Obidatti23 Forward Ever Rally must proceed

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Protect Girls from Sharing Locker Rooms with Boys — Reject New Title IX Expansions

Tell your State Board of Education: the safety of America’s girls is under threat with new federal policies changing Title IX! 

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PETITION: Canonize Navy chaplain Fr. Capodanno for giving his life to save souls

Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friends.

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