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PETITION: Tell Uber to RESPECT driver conscience on abortion!

Uber must respect their drivers' conscientious objection to driving passengers to get abortions, and other activities which end human life.
  • 11,303

PETITION: Send a message of hope to pro-lifer Mary Wagner jailed in BC

Send a message of hope to Mary Wagner who is in jail, awaiting a court appearance, for trying to save women and children from abortion in Vancouver, BC.
  • 3,275

PETITION: Tell UN Chief to condemn anti-Christian attacks in Sri Lanka

After hundreds of Christians were murdered in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, this petition tells the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, to call on the international community to "stand united against anti-Christian hatred", just as he did for Muslims after the attacks in New Zealand.
  • 20,138

PETITION: Say no to rebuilding a 'modern' Notre Dame Cathedral

Tell French President Macron to uphold the Catholic integrity of Notre Dame Cathedral
  • 11,346

PETITION: Reinstate superstar Christian athlete sacked over accusations of 'homophobia' for quoting Bible

Rugby Australia must reinstate Israel Folau, respecting his freedom of speech and religion, and the right to speak about Christianity's admonition against homosexual practice and atheism.
  • 9,636

PETITION to Australian Bishops: Stop Sacrilegious Event at the Cathedral of Cairns

This petition asks Australian Church authorities to stop a planned use of the Cathedral of Cairns, for an ‘ecumenical’ gathering, culminating in a ‘blessing’ from “‘His Holiness’ the 42nd Kyabgon Gongma Trizin”!
  • 833

PETITION: Urge Catholic U Admin to say YES to campus WiFi porn filter!

The CUA Student Senate just voted to filter the 200 worst online porn sites! We now urge the administration to follow the lead of their students and filter out all the porn on their campus WiFi network.
  • 5,647

PETITION to Pope Francis: STOP appointment of pro-LGBT Abp Gregory to DC

Ask Pope Francis to abandon plans to install dissident, pro-LGBT Abp. Wilton Gregory to the see of Washington, D.C.
  • 7,881

PETITION: Twitter suspends pro-life movie 'Unplanned' on opening weekend, resets followers

Twitter first suspended Unplanned's account, then reset their follower count. Meanwhile, they're automatically causing people to unfollow the movie.
  • 853

PETITION: Don't force Canadian elementary schools to fly the homosexual 'pride' flag this June

This petition pushes back against a trend wherein a growing number of school boards across Canada are ordering every school in their district to fly the homosexual "pride" flag for the month of June.
  • 2,566