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SIGN THE PETITION: Tell the UN abortion is not a human right

The UN has adopted a document that would seek to require states to legalize abortion under certain conditions.
  • 15,506

Pray for Tucker Carlson’s family: Sign the pledge!

We stand with you and your family, Tucker!
  • 3,546

SIGN THE PETITION: Tell President Trump to grant asylum to Asia Bibi

Her family is in mortal danger and needs help.
  • 3,248

I support 83-year-old priest charged for pro-life witness!

Fr. Van Hee may be jailed for protesting near an abortion center
  • 719

TELL SOCIAL MEDIA: Stop silencing conservatives!

It's beyond time for this censorship to end.
  • 2,090

VICTORY: Twitter restores LifeSite account after thousands protest online

The social media giant said locking LifeSite's account was 'an error’
  • 8,116

"Married" gay man steps down as "LGBT Coordinator" in San Diego

Aaron Bianco has resigned his post at a pro-gay parish
  • 1,306

Tell the bishops: Parents are 'qualified' to homeschool children!

Some Youth Synod bishops wondered if parents are qualified to homeschool
  • 1,793

PETITION: Thank President Trump for freeing Christian pastor

Andrew Brunson spent the last two years detained in Turkey
  • 835

PETITION: Tell the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

Now is the time to end this activist ruling.
  • 14,076