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Pope Francis: Don't make Bishop McElroy a cardinal - he knew about McCarrick

He ignored allegations against McCarrick, when victims were too scared to speak publicly.

  • 12,769

PETITION: Trudeau must apologize for "mass grave" smear that led to church-burnings

Churches burned because of the now-debunked 'mass grave' lie. 

  • 5,803

STAND with Abp. Cordileone as he bars Nancy Pelosi from Holy Communion until she repents

The Archbishop of San Francisco is calling pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi to repentance.

  • 16,056

PETITION: Stop Tedros' WHO Pandemic Treaty

The unaccountable globalists at the WHO must not be allowed control national health policies. 

  • 119,621

Stand with Cardinal Zen: Chinese authorities won't intimidate Hong Kong hero

SIGN this petition to stand with Cardinal Zen in his fight for freedom.

  • 11,401

PETITION: Call on Biden to condemn violent pro-abortion rioters across America!

Call on Joe Biden to speak out against the riots and attacks on pro-life Americans, organizations, and institution by violent abortion activists across the United States.

  • 22,772

PETITION: Tell the CPC to reinstate conservative leadership candidates!

Call on the Conservative Party to stop using deceitful loopholes to pick winners and losers in the ongoing CPC Leadership election!

  • 5,378

Supreme Court: Publish decision to overturn Roe now!

SIGN and urge the U.S. Supreme Court to issue the ruling to overturn Roe now!

  • 16,661

PETITION: Stop India's anti-conversion laws against Christians

SIGN this petition demanding Indian legislators protect Christians from unjust anti-conversion laws.

  • 6,559