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Keep the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools - Don't cancel it!

Defend the Pledge from anti-American school boards. 

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Stop Disney’s New Drag Queen “Superhero”

Disney is getting even more brazen. Demand a stop to the LGBTQ agenda today.

  • 5,197

Support Brave Ottawa Detective, Suspended for Investigating the Truth About Child COVID Vaccines

Stand by Detective Helen Grus as the Ottawa Police Attempt to Silence Her for exposing harfmul COVID vaccine connections!

  • 4,266

URGENT: Condemn the FBI’s Political Raid on Former President Donald Trump

We will not be intimidated into submission by the FBI! 

  • 11,977

Force Adidas to Cancel Blasphemous Bikini

Join the international outcry against Adidas and defend Christianity!

  • 29,953

Help Dr. Peter McCullough save American healthcare: Doctors can't be bullied!

We’re losing the American Board of Internal Medicine to corrupt globalist politics! SIGN NOW and regain American medicine!

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Send prayers for Archie and his parents after 12-year-old's life is ended

Archie's mum insists that God should decide when her son passes, not doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians. 

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Parents' Pledge: We will pull our children out of explicit sex-ed classes

Join a growing movement of parents who are taking back control of what their children are exposed to.

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Send a message to Cardinal Blase Cupich that you defend The Institute of Christ the King and the Traditional Latin Mass! 


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Hunter Biden’s Laptop Exposes Presidential Corruption! Demand FULL TRANSPARENCY from the Mainstream Media NOW!

Send a clear message to Mainstream Media companies that you know about the Hunter Biden Laptop story and DEMAND a full-report of the TRUTH surrounding the President’s foreign and corrupt business dealings!

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