Boycott Costa Coffee: Promoting female mutilation is not ok

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Costa Coffee has obscene transgender scar imagery on its vans, all to promote the normalization of breast removal by people suffering gender dysphoria!

Sign the petition to boycott Costa Coffee until these grotesque images of female mutilation are removed!

Costa Express vans have inexplicably been sent out by HQ with paintings of a gender-confused woman who cut off her breasts and bears the scars to show it!

What do surgical scars have to do with promoting coffee? This is not only absurd to any right thinking person, but also offensive to those who have had a mastectomy in order to treat cancer.

Join our boycott of Costa Coffee until they remove this disturbing imagery from their vehicles. Such depictions are not suitable for the public, and especially not for impressionable children.

This, in your face, glorification of irreversible mutilating surgery is most insensitive.

It is hurtful to the victims of the plague of transgender propaganda, not least the dramatically increased number of vulnerable children confused about their identity.

Costa's imagery is an insult to those breast cancer survivors who are dealing with this traumatic surgery.

Those behind this absurd campaign are seeking to normalize nothing less than female mutilation, and we are therefore forced to boycott Costa Coffee until they right this wrong.

Stop buying coffee until this insulting marketing campaign comes to an end.