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State Governors: Don't cancel Thanksgiving while favoring Black Friday

SIGN this petition urging state governors to trust citizens and allow Thanksgiving just as they are allow Black Friday shopping.

  • 13,124

PETITION: Urge HHS to STOP FUNDING aborted baby vaccines

SIGN here to urge the HHS to stop funding COVID vaccines which use unethical testing involving aborted human fetal cells lines.

  • 13,690

STATES: Stop election certification while fraud investigations continue

SIGN to demand that every U.S. State Legislature stop election certification till all evidence alleging voter fraud has been investigated.

  • 29,607

Stand With President Trump to Protect the Vote

Right now, we need to STAND in support of President Trump who is fighting, with every legal means, to ensure that the 2020 elections were legitimate and fair.

  • 191,104

PETITION: Break up Big Tech tyrants and defend free speech

Big Tech is out to kill free speech. LifeSite is out to protect it! WATCH our new series 'Big Tech vs. Free Speech', and please sign our petition demanding that Big Tech monopolies are broken up.

  • 113,315

U.S. Catholic Bishops: Retract premature and offensive statement "congratulating" Biden-Harris

Tell the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference to retract their premature and offensive statement congratulating anti-Catholic "Catholic" Joe Biden on "being elected."

  • 12,591

PETITION: Justice for Manitoba med student expelled for expressing pro-life views!

SIGN and STAND with a young Canadian medical student who was expelled from university for privately expressing pro-life and conservative views.

  • 7,139

PETITION: Say 'No' to using the U.S. military as guinea pigs for COVID vaccine

Urge President Trump to declare that members of the U.S. military will not be forced to take a COVID vaccine against their will.

  • 13,072

PETITION: Reject government control of the internet in Canada

SIGN to reject Bill C-10 and the Trudeau Liberals' chilling attack on internet independence in Canada.

  • 3,795

Canada: Sign the Geneva Consensus Declaration!

SIGN this petition to Canada's MPs, asking them to recommit Canada to authentic human rights by joining the Geneva Consensus Declaration.

  • 5,942