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PETITION: Boycott and Contact Pepsi after raunchy Super Bowl halftime show

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Pepsi and the NFL put on a raunchy, sexually-explicit, pole-dancing Super Bowl Half Time show which has been roundly condemned by commentators across the political spectrum, as exploitative of women and unfit for children and the family.

Parents, in particular, have been voicing their disgust with Pepsi and the NFL, venting their criticism on social media.

But, unfortunately, the only language that corporate America seems to speak is the language of money. They only listen when the cash stops flowing in.

This petition, therefore, asks you to pledge to boycott Pepsi products, and, then, call them to let them know why you won't be purchasing their products. [A list of Pepsi products is below].

Please SIGN this petition and SHARE it with your like-minded family, friends and colleagues.

And then, please call Pepsi Customer Service at 1-800-433-2652, to politely let them know that you'll be boycotting their products as a result of their sponsorship of the offensive and sexually-charged Half Time show.

If enough people sign and share, Pepsi and the NFL will be forced to listen, which could put a halt to these highly-offensive, sexually-charged Half Time performances. Thank you!


Though this is not comprehensive, here is a short list of Pepsi trademarked products to boycott:

  • Pepsi Cola
  • Gatorade
  • Tropicana Orange Juice
  • Mountain Dew
  • Aquafina Water
  • Lipton Iced Tea
  • Quaker Oats
  • Lay's Potato Chips
  • Ruffles Potato Chips
  • Tostitos Tortilla Chips
  • Doritos
  • Fritos Corn Chips

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