PETITION: Demand TX Legislature STOP Child Protection Services From Illegally Taking Children

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Texas Child Protection Services (CPS) has recently come under severe scrutiny for taking children from good families - many of them CHRISTIAN and HOMESCHOOLING - without justification.

In some instances, CPS has even admitted they did not follow proper procedure, but the children still remain separated from their families!

This is an explicit violation of parental rights and it needs to STOP!

And, while we wish, in no way, to put children at risk, we must also point out that, because of the current lack of state supervision over the CPS, the agency is, in many cases, abusing its authority by removing children from good and loving families.

That's why this petition demands that the Texas State Legislature support legal reforms which would increase accountability and add structure to the requirements for removing children from their parents.

It would appear that Texas CPS is currently targeting families that support traditional values and morals, especially homeschooling families. Although it is not a crime to homeschool in Texas, CPS appears to be using it as an excuse to remove children from their families.

If this can happen in a relatively ‘conservative’ and ‘pro-life’ state, imagine what will happen across the nation if this is allowed to continue. [NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE FROM, please feel free to SIGN this petition!]

But, there is hope.

In fact, this issue was recently raised by the Texas State Legislature.

Although House Bill 3331 failed to pass the house last session, it outlined changes to CPS that would increase accountability and add structure to the requirements for removing children from their parents.

Specifically, the bill seeks to increase the ‘standard of evidence’ required before the court can approve removing a child from their home.

Additionally, this bill states the court may not consider “evidence that the parent homeschooled the child” as grounds for removal of the child -- implying that it currently IS, or perceived as, grounds for removal.

Finally, the bill would also make CPS subject to sanctions for accusing families or removing children without evidence.

Currently, in Texas, it would appear that parents are considered guilty until proven innocent. This blatant disregard for parental rights and targeting of conservatives MUST STOP.

To that end, this petition will be sent directly to the leaders of the Texas State Legislature, and CC'ed to the Texas CPS, the Texas Attorney General, and the Texas Governor.

The state of Texas should not tear down family values by allowing CPS to deny parental authority and remove parents' ability to protect their children.

Demand that Texas recognize the rights of parents and change Texas CPS. Ask the Texas State Legislature to support House Bill 3331.

Again, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE FROM, please feel free to SIGN this petition! We need to ask Texas to become a role model, for the rest of the nation, in respecting parents' rights!

Thank you for signing this urgent petition!


Here are a couple recent examples of instances where Texas CPS clearly exceeded their mandate.

1) In 2013, SEVEN children were removed from the Tutt Family without any evidence of neglect or abuse. At the time, the Tutt’s had 5 biological children, 3 adopted children, were foster parents, and were in the process of adopting a child. And, the Tutt Family homeschooled all of their children.

But, after their 4-year-old child with autism climbed over a 5-foot fence, wandered around the neighborhood and soiled his pants, all while his 8-year-old brother following him and tried to convince him to come home (while their father searched for them in his car), a police officer referred the CPS to the family.

Astonishingly, the CPS caseworker ordered a psychological evaluation for Mrs. Tutt stating, "Nobody in their right mind would want to stay home all day with so many children!" And, a judge held an illegal hearing, without informing the parents, and ordered the children be removed from the Tutt’s care.

The result: The children were eventually allowed to return home, but.....only after a lengthy and costly court battle.

And, in another example of the Texas CPS meting out harsh treatment without cause, four-year-old Drake Pardo was forcibly removed from his parents’ home only two months ago, on June 20th, after his parents changed his doctor

The CPS caseworker and supervisor admitted under oath that they did not follow the proper steps for removing Drake AND the physician who signed the CPS inquiry form stated that she did not think Drake needed to be removed, and yet Drake remains in CPS custody.

The Pardo family has filed multiple requests in court that Drake be released, or at least given to a family member, but these have all been denied

The result: The family are now taking the case to the Texas Supreme Court, but remain separated from their 4-year-old.

House Bill 3331  

House Bill 2756  

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