Tell the Church of England to stop desecrating cathedrals

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Canterbury Cathedral, the site of the first Catholic cathedral in the British Isles and destination for millions of Christian pilgrims, has hosted a two-night “silent disco” serving alcohol to revelers in headphones.

The events, described in advance by one Catholic writer as “dancing on the grave” of the martyred Saint Thomas Becket, took place on the nights of February 8 and 9, and were promoted by the homosexual Dean of Canterbury, who manages the formerly Catholic cathedral. 

The Church of England already has 12 more discos planned at cathedrals across the country. 

We must urge the Church of England to put an end to this desecration.

SIGN: Demand that the Church of England stop profaning the sacred.

The current dean of the Canterbury Cathedral is Very Reverend David Monteith, who has been described by an Anglican news outlet as a “partnered gay priest” who reportedly expressed interest in “getting youth into church.” 

He seems to think that hosting blasphemous parties in sacred churches will do just that. 

But that is neither a true assumption nor a valid reason to profane a cathedral. 

We must preserve what is left of their sacred history and demand these cathedrals be treated with reverence, and thus that these inappropriate events be cancelled. 

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Image: Canterbury Cathedral/Mattis, CC by-SA 3.0