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PETITION: Don't force Canadian elementary schools to fly the homosexual 'pride' flag this June

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This urgent petition is a joint effort by Campaign Life Coalition and LifeSiteNews to petition ALL of the Public School Board Trustees of Canada.

At the end of February, an Ontario public school board voted to force all its elementary schools to fly the pro-homosexual rainbow “pride” flag for at least a week in June.

Greater Essex County District School Board voted nine to one for the motion introduced by vice-chair Julia Burgess, who says flying the rainbow flag during “Pride Month” will promote inclusivity.

This is the latest District School Board to cast such a vote; already in Ontario, Peel, York, Durham, Halton, Waterloo and Toronto School Boards have mandated similar LGBT flag indoctrination programs.

Indeed, public school boards across Canada are increasingly forcing or "encouraging" their schools to fly the controversial, gay pride flag during the month of June.

That is why we must combine forces and act. Campaign Life Coalition and LifeSiteNews are partnering on this petition to reach ALL of the public school boards in Canada!

To force this sexualized agenda on young, impressionable pupils - often at odds with what their parents believe and teach at home - is more than wrong; it is immoral and abusive, and has no place at public schools.

It has been reported that further indoctrination often takes place, wherein the school requires the entire student body to come outside and gather around the gay pride flag, to celebrate homosexuality, transgenderism, and other sexual identities pushed by the LGBT lobby.

But, public schools should be ideologically neutral.

Thus, we are calling on all school boards to implement a policy of neutrality, wherein only the Canadian flag is permitted to be flown at schools.

Pro-family critics point out the rainbow “pride” flag symbolizes not inclusivity and welcoming, but something far more dark and sinister.

“Flags and banners are important symbols that claim and establish territory or convey an important message,” noted LifeSiteNews’ Doug Mainwaring.

The so-called 'pride' flag is “a sign of the unabashed brazenness of the ancient enemy of Christ planting his flag wherever he can to claim God’s people for himself,” he pointed out.

“These are not benign symbols: They share a diabolical component.”

And, especially where the innocent and impressionable minds of young children are at stake, this needs to be opposed - NOW!

Campaign Life Coalition's petition effort has garnered more than 8,000 signatures to-date!

If you have not already signed the Campaign Life Coalition petition, we encourage you to SIGN, here (at the top of this page, on the right-hand side, you will find a box which you can sign).

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Thank you!


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