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Help others prepare for battle: Join the LifeSite Army as a Social Warrior

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The war for the culture is raging around us. As defenders of life, family, and faith, now more than ever we must band together to defeat the culture of death. We are calling on YOU to join our army. Together we can achieve greatness.  

Sign this petition to join us as a Social Warrior in the LifeSite Army! We need you on the frontlines sharing LifeSitestories, while inviting your friends to ‘like’ and engage with our social media pages.  

To help change the culture, we need to continue to reach millions with the light of Truth. As a Social Warrior, you can play a vital role in helping us expand our circle of influence.  

These are different ways you can commit to preparing others for the battle that is waging right now: 

As a Social Warrior, you’ll be playing an active role in changing hearts and minds with the Truth. Your work can save the life of an unborn baby, protect a child from undergoing gender ‘transition,’ save a family from divorce, or help prevent attacks on our freedoms of speech and religion.  

Here are some other ways you can participate in the LifeSite army:  


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