PETITION: Hold UN accountable for babies killed by sex-selection abortion

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Please SIGN this important petition asking the UN to call for an unequivocal ban on sex-selection abortion - abortions which are procured purely because the parents want a baby of one sex (usually, male) and not the other.

All abortions are wrong**, but the UN's agency which monitors the world's population, UNFPA, just issued a report stating that sex-selection abortion is a violation of human rights.

Unfortunately, the same report also says that, "bans on sex selection...infringe reproductive rights, including access to safe abortion."

This is a classic case of the United Nations speaking out of both sides of its mouth, showing its glaring hypocrisy in the process.

Where are the self-professed 'feminists' at the UN when it comes to sex-selection abortion?

Their contradictory philosophy allows for the slaughter of girls in the name of women's rights!

And now, with this petition, we're going to hold them accountable.

With this petition, we say to the UN: You can't have it both ways. Either you will defend females against the violence and discrimination of abortion, or you won't.

SIGN this petition and urge the UN to call for a definitive ban on sex-selection abortion, and defend the right of all girls and boys to be born.

The UNFPA, itself, estimates that there are 140 million fewer girls in the world today because of sex-selection abortion. Of course, this leads to a massive imbalance between the sexes in places where sex-selection abortion is widely practised, especially in China and India.

And, as the UNFPA admits, the imbalance between the sexes has the side-effect of increasing other activities which also adversely affect women, like human trafficking and prostitution.

Again, where are the feminists on this critical issue?

The UN claims that bans on sex-selection abortion are ineffective, but we all know that the law is a teacher. As such, legal bans would actually contribute to the cultural change supposedly sought after by the UN.

So, it's time for the UN to put up or shut-up, and call for a worldwide ban on sex-selection abortion.

Thank you for SIGNING this important petition and holding the UN accountable for every baby killed as a result of sex-selection abortion. We urge the UNFPA to call for a definitive ban on sex-selection abortion with effective enforcement.


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**LifeSite believes that abortion - the intentional killing of an innocent pre-born human being - is never necessary and always gravely immoral. By asking the UN to call for a ban on sex-selection abortion, we are not, in any way, endorsing abortion for any other reason. By way of this petition, we are highlighting how, by its own statements, the UN's position on abortion, and, in this case, sex-selection abortion, is actually anti-reason and anti-woman. The UN seems to believe that they must advocate for abortion at any cost.