PETITION: Tell Marvel that children are not 'ready' for LGBT superheroes

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Marvel Studios is apparently actively looking to cast an openly homosexual actor in a new role for their upcoming movie, "The Eternals" - that of an "LGBT superhero."

Will you help us stop Marvel from sexualizing their movies in this way by signing this petition?

Kevin Feige, who is the President of Marvel Studios, said, in an interview with ET, that the idea of an "LGBT superhero" was "percolating" at the Studios. And, at the March 7 Los Angeles premiere of the heroine-led “Captain Marvel,” Marvel production chief Victoria Alonso told Variety that the studio was committed to “diversity.”

Speaking of an “LGBT superhero,” she said: “The world is ready...The world is ready.”

BUT, children and teens aren't ready! And, parents of children and teens aren't ready!

Children and teens, and especially their parents, don't go to superhero movies to be indoctrinated with LGBT propaganda.

They go to superhero movies to enter into a fantasy-world where superpowers help save the world, IRRESPECTIVE of sex.

It would seem that, while children, adolescents and their parents visit this type of fantasy-world occasionally, Marvel Studios may actually live in one on a permanent basis.

But, regarding the practice of homosexuality, the real world offers a much harder lesson, based in reality...

Indeed, as compared to the general population, the U.S. Institute for Medicine reviewed research confirming greater occurrence of health problems in the LGBT population, especially HIV/AIDS (among men), mental health, substance use and abuse (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), obesity and breast cancer (among lesbians and bisexual women), and other concerns.

And, according to the CDC, 1 in 6 men who have sex with men will contract HIV in their lifetime, which, of course, is a dire diagnosis and a grave physical and mental health problem.

Knowing these things, it is extremely unethical and morally wrong that the producers at Marvel Studios should want to promote this lifestyle as ‘super’ in movies seen by many children and teens.

PARENTS: Take note of the sexualization of your children in other facets of life and how dangerous it can be to their physical, mental and spiritual health.

When ‘The Eternals’ debuts in 2020, don't let your children see risky sexual behavior, like homosexuality, glamorized.

Let children be children without sexualizing them!

Please send this message to Marvel Studios: Listen to your customers, who say they don’t want this kind of corrupting influence in their lives or the lives of their children.

Thank you for SIGNING this petition and SHARING with your like-minded friends, family and colleagues.




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