SIGN: The High Court must allow Peter Obi's October 1st rally to proceed

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Peter Obi and his supporters have a right to peacefully assemble, but ten lawyers are trying to strip him of that right by asking the Federal High Court to stop the #Obidatti23 Forward Ever Rally in Lagos on October 1st.

Nigerians must speak up now to prevent this injustice - we have a right to peacefully assemble which the court MUST recognize. 

SIGN: Let Peter Obi and his followers rally in Lagos on October 1st. 

This attempt to shut down the Obi/Datti rally is an affront to the rights of every Nigerian wishing to assemble with candidates of their choosing, and would cause yet more division in our already fractured country.

Presidential candidates have a right to campaign, but it seems there is a concerted effort to shut down Mr. Obi as his popularity grows.

The judiciary in Nigeria must be impartial in these matters, and so it's crucial that the Federal High Court makes the right decision when it reconvenes on September 23rd.

Nigerians everywhere must raise their voice however and call for justice now.

SIGN: Let Peter Obi and his followers rally in Lagos on October 1st. 

The ten lawyers trying to stop Peter Obi from holding the gathering have brazenly compared the upcoming Obi/Datti rally to the End SARS protests of 2020, in a dishonourable attempt to smear Peter Obi supporters as being capable of great violence.

This insulting attack shows that Obi's adversaries will stop at nothing to discredit his movement, but it remains the judge's role to see through the spurious allegations of these desperate plaintiffs.

Watching this underhanded attack unfold on our right to peacefully assemble, it falls on Nigerians to speak up together in defense of this human right. 

SIGN: Let Peter Obi and his followers rally in Lagos on October 1st. 

We hope the court will dismiss the application to injunct the rally and allow Obidients to gather in Lagos on October 1st. 

SIGN and SHARE this petition with as many people as possible.

Thank you.


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