VICTORY: President Trump has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

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VICTORY! President Trump has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a well known, pro-life, practicing Catholic and mother of seven to the Supreme Court.

The battle now moves to the Senate, where Judge Barrett will face a confirmation hearing.

You may continue to sign this petition, as Mitch McConnell, Leader of the Senate, is one of the petition recipients. AND, you may also sign the petition calling on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade:

Please READ the full LifeSiteNews story here:

The death of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg - the Supreme Court's most extreme pro-abortion justice - just 45 days before the election, has handed President Trump the unique opportunity to nominate a third Supreme Court justice in just one term.

For the sake of the millions of pre-born children whose lives hang in the balance we urge President Trump to nominate an outspoken pro-lifer, and there is no better candidate than Indiana Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Please sign this petition now which will be delivered to President Trump and Speaker McConnell.

If you want a good background on Judge Barrett's stellar qualifications for the nomination, please read our article giving 12 reasons Amy Coney Barrett should be on the supreme court.

Although Democrats in the Senate will surely object, the spectacle of the confirmation hearings of moderate judge Brett Kavanaugh should be a warning to the president and Senate Republicans that the enemies of life will stop at nothing to stop the president's nomination no matter who the nominee is.

But consider the irony that the late Justice Ginsburg herself is perhaps the best rebuttal to all of the points the Democrats will make against the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

They will say, that a president should not rush a confirmation to the supreme court.  Yet Justice Ginsburg was nominted and confirmed in 43 days. 

They will say that judges should have expressed no personal views on disputed matters, yet Justice Ginsburg had been an ACLU activist attorney who led the radical Women's Rights Project from its founding until she became a federal judge.

Most importantly, however, they will attack Judge Amy Coney Barrett with an anti-religious test simply for being a committed Christian mother.  Make no mistake, they will attack her for being a Catholic mother of seven.  They have done it before and they will do it again.

This is the moment of truth for the entire Republican party and it needs to make a statement.  They have a 53-47 majority that has been built largely on the promise of nominating solid, pro-life, constitutional conservative justices to the supreme court.

President Trump, it is time for you to lead the Republican Party and deliver a proven pro-lifer like Amy Coney Barrett.


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