Tell Congress to repeal the FACE Act - rescuing babies from abortion shouldn't be a crime

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Eight pro-lifers are now behind bars thanks to the FACE Act, with each of them facing over a decade in prison for trying to save babies from the violence of abortion.

Pro-life Republicans in the House have therefore introduced legislation to repeal FACE, with similar legislation being drafted in the Senate, but they need majorities in order to succeed.

SIGN: Demand that Congress repeal the FACE Act as babies continue to be killed in the womb

Pressure is mounting to dismantle FACE, the weapon of choice the Biden Administration is wielding against pro-life Americans.

The rescue conducted by the now-imprisoned pro-lifers on October 22, 2020, in Washington, D.C., was a direct challenge to the FACE Act. They believe that the unborn are human persons deserving of protection and that abortion and infanticide are murder.

The Biden DOJ is now using FACE to imprison these rescuers because it believes this is the surest way to scare pro-lifers into total compliance with abortion laws and keep them from interfering with their million-dollar baby-killing industry. The case is important because a challenge to FACE is a challenge to abortion, and upholding FACE is protecting abortion.

Indeed, the federal government has indicated there is “urgency” in using FACE to assure abortion access after Dobbs. It is now attempting to make an example of these rescuers, highlighting this case especially because it involves a late-term abortion clinic in the nation’s capital.

The significance should not be lost on Americans, as Democrats have pushed relentlessly to secure abortion at all stages of pregnancy with no restrictions, even resisting bills against infanticide. It is no coincidence that the DOJ and FBI are rallying around a FACE Act case that involves a late-term abortion clinic at which the abortionist, Cesare Santangelo, has admitted he would commit infanticide.

It should be clear now to pro-lifers that the rescue movement aggravates and worries abortion advocates more than any other pro-life activity. Rescue is direct, and its effectiveness may be measured in the numerous abortion mills closed by Operation Rescue before President Clinton signed the FACE Act into law.

SIGN & SHARE: Demand that Congress repeal the FACE Act as babies continue to be killed in the womb

National pressure is immensely important here. The more outspoken we become in publicly calling for FACE to be repealed and the D.C. rescuers freed from prison, the more urgent and likely a final determination of the matter at the level of the federal government becomes, whether through Congress or the Supreme Court.

Please join us today in calling for the FACE Act to be repealed.

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