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SUPPORT Judge Kemp - the judge who gave her Bible to a convicted killer

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Judge Tammy Kemp needs our support because she is being unfairly attacked by an atheist group for giving a Bible to the convicted murderer, Amber Guyger, after the trial had ended.

The atheist activist organization, Freedom From Religion Foundation, has filed a complaint with the Texas state agency responsible for judicial misconduct, the Texas State Commission On Judicial Conduct (SCJC).

But, when the circumstances surrounding Kemp's Bible intervention are looked at more closely, one can plainly see that the complaint filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation has no merit.

That's why we're launching this urgent petition of support for Judge Kemp, directed to the Interim Executive Director of the SCJC, Jacqueline Habersham.

We're asking the SCJC to find the Freedom From Religion Foundation's complaint without merit for the following reasons:

  • The trial had concluded, sentencing had been rendered, and, crucially, the jury had already vacated the chamber. Judge Kemp's job, as judge, had been served; at that point, one could say that she was acting in the capacity of citizen rather than judge.
  • The extraordinary circumstances leading up to the the moment when Judge Kemp offered her Bible to Guyger - where the victim's younger brother embraced Guyger, encouraging her to find Christ - indicate that both Guyger and the victim's family were not only open to this exchange, but also receptive to and encouraging it.
  • Judge Kemp's actions represent a moment of healing for both the family and the perpetrator. This kind of moment goes beyond retributive justice and seeks to bridge the painful chasm between an act of violence and forgiveness.
  • Judge Kemp is a Christian and ran for the position of judge, pointing to her strong faith as guiding her decision to do so. Judges are human beings and not automatons, and, therefore, they will have principles which guide their jurisprudence.

But the salient points in this case, again: the trial was over and the jury had been excused.

And, crucially, we do not believe that Judge Kemp is at fault for using her office to promote private interests.

In fact, it is more true to assert that, by giving a Bible to a convicted killer, Judge Kemp was actually advancing the interests of the family, where healing is concerned, as well as the interests of rehabilitating the convicted murderer.

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