PETITION: Support Nebraska Governor attacked for declaring day of prayer to end abortion

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Nebraska Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts issued a proclamation Wednesday declaring that January 22, the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade, will be a statewide day of prayer to help end abortion in the United States.

But, almost immediately after his announcement, Governor Ricketts was verbally assailed by Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).

Of Ricketts' proclamation, Gaylor (FFRF) said: "When he [Gov. Ricketts] tells citizens they are supposed to pray, that’s really insulting. That’s not his business. He should keep his personal religious views to himself. Then when he compounds the 'violation' by saying they should pray to end abortion, this is really egregious."

However, in urging people to pray to end abortion and support families in need, Governor Ricketts did nothing wrong.

Can you now please SIGN this petition supporting Governor Ricketts for defending the unborn and public prayer?

Governor Ricketts' proclamation reads, in part: "I do hereby urge all individuals to pray on their own or with others, according to their faith, for an end to abortion." And, it also encourages Nebraskans to “take direct action to aid mothers, fathers and families in need, especially those expecting a child who cannot provide for themselves."

Of course, there is no restriction on politicians inviting people to pray. There is difference between an invitation and a requirement.

But, what the FFRF are really concerned about was revealed by Gaylor: "We consider abortion to be a state, church issue because the impatience for turning Roe v. Wade is exclusively religious in nature."

However, Gaylor's assertion that overturning Roe vs Wade is a church, state issue is just that, an assertion with no legal weight.

As long as the Governor doesn't establish a state religion (and, one can see that he is not doing that), publicly favor one political party over another in policy, or tell people who to vote for, he is entitled to make prayerful pro-life proclamations.

Abortion is a moral, social and ethical matter, as well as being a political and religious issue.

Of course, that doesn't mean being publicly pro-life is easy, or that it doesn't take courage to proclaim a day of prayer to end abortion. Being publicly pro-life isn't easy...and, it does take courage to take public pro-life actions.

For these reasons, we are now asking you to support Governor Ricketts by SIGNING and SHARING this petition in support of his proclamation of a day to end abortion.

Thank you!


Governor Ricketts' Pro-Life Proclamation of a Day of Prayer to End Abortion:

**Photo Credit: Pete Ricketts, governor of Nebraska, taken by Gage Skidmore


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