PETITION: Tell Hallmark No LGBT Christmas movies!

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URGENT PETITION UPDATE (12/16/19) - It only took two days, but Hallmark just caved-in to the LGBT agenda and the homosexual lobby.

In a stunning reversal, the Hallmark Channel has said that it will, again, feature ads with homosexual "weddings", complete with lesbians kissing.

But, it gets worse. In their statement, reversing their decision not to air the same-sex "wedding" ads, Hallmark said that they will be "working with GLAAD to better represent the LGBTQ community."

“Across our brand, we will continue to look for ways to be more inclusive and celebrate our differences,” said Hallmark Cards CEO, Mike Perry.

This is bad news for families who enjoy watching Hallmark, without having to worry about sex and sexual practices which offend against one's faith.

RIGHT NOW, more than ever, we need to spread the word about Hallmark, and ask our like-minded family, friends and colleagues to SIGN and SHARE this petition.

Maybe Hallmark is publicly saying all the things which the LGBT lobby has come to expect, but, privately has actually learned a lesson which they will take to heart - after this ad cycle.

We call on Hallmark to reflect on who your core market actually represents, and to step away from the LGBT agenda before it's too late to say no to their ever-increasing demands to push more and more aberrant views and characters.

The next petition will be one to boycott the channel.


PETITION UPDATE (12/14/19) -  In a welcome turn of events, the Hallmark Channel has stopped airing four commercials featuring homosexual “weddings” and kisses, after backlash from viewers.

The Hallmark Channel was inundated with complaints after airing the ads. Spurred on by the conservative group, One Million Moms, people complained that the ads had ruined their experience watching the family-friendly channel.

One Million Moms subsequently announced that it spoke with Bill Abbott, the CEO of Hallmark’s parent company Crown Media Family Networks, “who confirmed [the] Hallmark Channel has pulled the commercial, featuring a same-sex couple, from their network. He reported the advertisement aired in error, but he was informed about it after hearing from concerned 1MM supporters.”

“The call to our office gave us the opportunity to also confirm the Hallmark Channel will continue to be a safe and family friendly network. Praise the Lord!” 1MM announced.

In spite of this good news, however, Hallmark executives have yet to reassure their loyal viewers about the future of Hallmark productions. Please, continue to SIGN this petition which asks Hallmark not to cave-in to the LGBT agenda, and keep sex and sexual practices - including the promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. - out of their movies (at Christmas, and throughout the year).

Thank you!


Hallmark Christmas movies are known for their feel-good atmosphere, and are generally movies which can be enjoyed by the whole family -- without having to explain sexual practices which offend against one's faith.

This petition asks Hallmark to keep it that way, and keep sex and sexual practices - including the promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. - out of their movies.

Unfortunately, this petition is necessary because one of Hallmark's representatives, Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of programming for Crown Media Family Networks (owned by and maker of Hallmark movies), recently told “We are continuing to expand our diversity. We are looking at pitches for LGBTQ movies..."

But, right now, Hallmark has a good record for keeping their movies family-friendly. Of this year's 40 made-for-TV Christmas movies, none of them feature a homosexual as the main character.

This is a good thing because it preserves children's innocence and it allows parents to be the primary educators where sex and sexual morals are concerned.

And, crucially, it's also good for the brand and for business, because people (and parents, especially) know what to expect when they sit down to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Hallmark would be offending Christian viewers and Christian parents BIG TIME, by experimenting with homosexual themes, and, or cooperating with the LGBT indoctrination agenda, at all.

By doing so, Hallmark would risk losing a big part of their market -- because people just couldn't be sure of what to expect.

And, Hallmark should also know that if they give-in to the LGBT agenda, the LGBT activists will never be satisfied. They will always want Hallmark to be pushing more and more aberrant views and characters.

That doesn't sound like a very fun Christmas movie at all!

This petition is directed to Mike Perry, President and CEO of Hallmark Cards, and to Don and Dave Hall, Executive Chairman and Executive Vice Chairman of the company, respectively.

Please ask Hallmark to make the right ethical and moral decision...and, please ask Hallmark to make the right business decision, and reject LGBT-themed Christmas movies!

Thank you for SIGNING and SHARING, today!