PETITION: Tell school board to remove library book of kids performing sex acts

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A Catholic school board in Ontario allows children to access a sexually explicit pro-transgender book in its libraries.

The Ontario Catholic School Board is allowing children to access in its libraries a sexually explicit pro-transgender book that includes a description of a six-year-old boy stimulating sexual organs of “guys in my neighborhood” with his mouth. 

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out (2014) by Susan Kuklik is on the shelf at the Ottawa Catholic School Board’s (OCSB) Mother Teresa and St. Joseph’s high schools, and is available electronically to all secondary school students.

And because fourteen of OCSB’s 15 high schools include Grades 7 and 8, that means students as young as 12 can access the book that positively describes six teens “transitioning.”

It’s is also on the shelf at secondary schools Mary Ward in the Toronto Catholic school board; Resurrection in the Waterloo Catholic school board, and at Bishop Macdonell, Our Lady of Lourdes, and St. James in the Wellington Catholic school board, all of which run schools from Grades 9 to 12.

Beyond Magenta is described on the OCSB library data base as a “2015 Stonewall Honor Book” and a “groundbreaking work of LGBT literature [that] takes an honest look at the life, love, and struggles of transgender teens.”

But that’s not how the Canadian Catholic Intell Association blog, which raised the alarm about that book being available in the OCSB as an electronic resource, describes Beyond Magenta.

The CIA blog references a press release from Binary Australia, which denounced the book in August, as “disturbing” and “unfit for children.” 

Here is just on excerpt from the book:

From six up, I used to kiss other guys in my neighborhood, make out with them, and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral. And I touched their you-know-whats. We were really young but that’s what we did.

“The account goes on to describe pedophiles masturbating. The author does not qualify that the acts were harmful or illegal,” the Binary release stated.

Binary spokesperson Kirralie Smith said, “These stories are being promoted to young people who may not have the capacity to judge whether this is good or bad behaviour. And despite the illicit nature of their accounts, each concludes by celebrating their transition."

“Such material has no place in tax-payer funded libraries and should certainly never be promoted to children.” 


Catholic school board stocks pro-LGBT book glamorizing kids performing ‘oral sex’


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