NBA & Twitter: suspend LeBron James for despicable targeting of Ohio police officer

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Remember when President Trump was falsely accused of inciting violence and was impeached by the House of Representatives?  

The mainstream media, including some on Fox News, condemned the President and the woke corporate machine cancelled him.

Well yesterday, LeBron James shamefully targeted an Ohio police officer on Twitter with a despicable attack on his safety, reputation and good name.  Investigations are still ongoing, but as can be seen on the widely circulated video footage, the officer used deadly force to prevent a brutal knife attack upon a young woman.

Where is the media outcry against LeBron's clear incitement to violence?  Where is the Twitter ban against someone doxing a police officer?  Are the corporate sponsors that have made LeBron one of the richest men in America pulling their contracts?  Has the NBA made ANY statement?

In a now-deleted tweet, James recklessly republished the image of the officer in question, with the threatening tag line: "You're Next."

With this menacing tweet, and especially by publishing a picture of the officer, the NBA super star literally put the officer's life in jeopardy.

LeBron's shameful and irresponsible actions deserve to be condemned and punished.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition calling on the NBA to sanction James by suspending him from the League and on Twitter to suspend his account.

At a time when passions are running high, and especially with the death of George Floyd on peoples' minds, it beggars belief that anyone, much less someone with the cultural and Twitter following of James, could act with such callous disregard for the life, limb and reputation of a police officer who clearly acted in defense of a young African American girl.

At very minimum, the NBA should make an example of James by suspending him from the League and Twitter should suspend his account.

People with influence, like LeBron, must be held accountable for their actions - especially those which intentionally endanger the lives and reputations of other people.

The girl whose life was saved from a knife attack owes a debt of gratitude to the police officer who took split-second, decisive action to save her life.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition which urges the NBA to suspend or expel LeBron James from the League in response to his reckless targeting of a life-saving Ohio police officer.


Photo Credit: Screen shot of Lebron James press conference