PETITION: Urge FL Attorney General to investigate abortion facility in horrific Pornhub trafficking case

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WARNING: This material contains disturbing information.


The Florida Attorney General, Ashley Moody, has asked local Florida authorities to investigate the apparent failure of an abortion facility to report suspected child abuse in the case of a girl who was sexually abused and forced to abort.

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By now, most people are aware of the terrible story of a 15-year-old Broward County, Florida, girl whose repeated sexual assaults were recorded on video and posted to Pornhub by her trafficker.

Her ordeal kept her from her family and from school for nearly a year.

What most people don't know, however, is that the victim was also taken to an abortion facility, where her child was killed to cover up these heinous crimes.

In spite of federal and state laws that require mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and trafficking, staff at the abortion facility almost certainly failed to alert authorities to a probable case of human trafficking.

Based on all available evidence, it appears that abortion facility staff also refused to follow Florida's parental notification law before performing the abortion.

This particular abortion facility's apparent negligence likely cost this 15-year-old victim several months of freedom and forced her to endure unspeakable things that no one, especially a child, should have to endure.

Bottom line: the abortion facility's apparent negligence likely prevented this young victim from being rescued sooner.

LifeSiteNews and the Personhood Alliance are partnering on this petition, which urges Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody—a Republican who campaigned against trafficking and abortion—to investigate the abortion facility at the center of this case.

Please SIGN THIS PETITION so that more victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse do not suffer additional trauma because the abortion industry thinks it's above the law.

Fortunately, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody can pursue at least two lines of investigation in this case, which are detailed below, in the 'For More Information' section.

Ashley Moody was elected to the post of Attorney General in Florida, in part, because of her previous role as a prosecutor.

In one of her election campaign ads, Moody promises to be tough on crime and lists human trafficking as one of the crimes she's prosecuted. In another of Moody's election ads, she campaigns as pro-life.

Now is the time to test Moody's campaign promises.

Please SIGN this petition, and urge Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to open an investigation into the abortion facility.

If, as it appears to be the case, the abortion facility aided in the trafficking of a 15-year-old girl by neglecting their duty to report suspected abuse and refusing to follow Florida's parental notification law, we urge that the abortion facility be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

SIGN YOUR NAME TODAY to call on Ashley Moody to start breaking the chains that link human trafficking, pornography, and abortion! Thank you!


Please read the Personhood Alliance's investigative report on this case:

Please read more about the two lines of legal inquiry which Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody can follow which should result in an investigation into alleged negligence by the abortion facility in apparently aiding human traffickers conceal their heinous crimes against a 15-year-old girl.

1) State and federal mandatory reporting requirements

Both federal and state law require healthcare providers, like physicians, nurses, and counselors, to report known or suspected instances of child abuse and neglect, including sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Because abortion facilities claim to provide 'healthcare,' abortion workers also have what's called a "legal duty to report."

And, the state of Florida is very clear on its mandatory reporting requirements:

"A person who is required to report known or suspected child abuse and who knowingly and willfully fails to do so, or who knowingly and willfully prevents another person from doing so, commits a felony of the third degree…Upon conviction, that person may be imprisoned for up to 5 years and fined $5,000."

In this shocking case, the 15-year-old victim was taken to the abortion facility by a 30-year-old male, now identified as suspect Christopher J. Johnson.

Discrepancies in age, last names, and any ID should have been suspicious enough to warrant additional questioning, and, ultimately, a call to Child Protective Services (CPS) and local law enforcement.

CPS and law enforcement had been searching for the victim for quite some time and had blanketed the area with missing person flyers that included the victim and perpetrator's pictures. So, it is likely that a call from the abortion facility would likely have shortened the victim's captivity.

But, apparently, they failed to act.

2) Florida’s Parental Notice of Abortion Act

This law requires that abortionists notify a parent or guardian of a minor at least 48 hours in advance of an abortion. Proof of parentage or guardianship is required. Proper identification must be produced, and the parent or guardian must sign a form acknowledging he or she received notice.

If the abortion facility would have followed the law, there would have been no abortion. Even if the trafficker managed to forge identifying documents for both himself and the girl, the victim’s mother would have been notified of the whereabouts of her daughter.

Both lines of investigation - the federal and state mandatory reporting requirements, as well as Florida's Parental Notice of Abortion Act, provide wide legal grounds on which Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody can launch an investigation.