PETITION: Urge SCOTUS to Let Peace Cross Stand

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THIS WEEK, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will hear a case about a memorial cross which could have wide-ranging implications for religious symbols used in memorials to honor fallen soldiers and others, throughout the US.

Please take your time to read the following story, and then, please SIGN and SHARE this petition, urging SCOTUS to LET THE CROSS STAND.

There is a WWI memorial cross in Prince George's County, Maryland, locally referred to as “The Peace Cross,” which memorializes local soldiers who died in World War I, and which has stood in place for more than 90 years.

The 40-foot tall cross was erected in 1925 with the financial assistance of the American Legion and affected families, to honor the 49 local men who paid the ultimate price in the Great War.

In 1961, the state of Maryland assumed cost of the maintenance and care of the cross, and the cross is now on state land at a busy intersection in Bladensburg, Maryland.

Fast-forward to 2015, and the American Humanist Association took a court case against the state of Maryland, to protest the cross's alleged endorsement of a particular religion.

And then, in 2017, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals unfortunately agreed with the humanists, opining that the cross is unconstitutional because it "excessively entangles the government in religion."

Of course, this is ridiculous, political correctness gone mad - threatening the removal of such memorials all around the United States!

But, thankfully, not all hope is lost, as the case will be heard at SCOTUS later THIS WEEK!

This petition, therefore, is addressed to the justices of the US Supreme Court, and urges them to allow the Peace Cross to continue to stand in place without change.

We urge the SCOTUS justices to find with the dissenting judge (Chief Judge, Roger L. Gregory) on the three-judge 4th Circuit Appellate panel, who wrote that the First Amendment's so-called "exclusion clause" does not obligate government to "purge from the public sphere any reference to religion."

Thank you for signing to defend the cross, to defend the memory of those who fought and died, and to defend our culture and heritage.


2018 SCOTUS order, saying they would hear the case -


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