Urge Hallow prayer app to stop broadcasting Liam Neeson until he repents

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Popular Catholic prayer app Hallow has partnered with Liam Neeson, despite the actor holding strong pro-abortion views and promoting anti-Catholic, a-historical smears. 

SIGN: The Hallow app must cease its partnership with Liam Neeson until he repents

Hallow CEO Alex Jones, not to be mistaken with Infowars' Alex Jones, said that Hallow is “thrilled” to partner with Liam Neeson “because of his powerful portrayal of Aslan (a representation of Christ) in the C.S. Lewis films.”

Neeson will read excerpts from C.S Lewis as part of an Advent series with Hallow. 

Jones defended the appointment of pro-abortion advocate Liam Neeson by stating that “we prayed deeply through this decision and consulted heavily with our advisors.” He added that he “strongly” believes that “this is what God is calling us to do.” 

The Hallow Catholic prayer is an app that is very popular because it offers audio-guided meditation sessions, guided prayer and biblical studies underpinned by the Catholic faith. 

The recent partnership with Northern Ireland-born Liam Neeson has angered many Catholics, however. 

Neeson shamefully used his influence to push for the legalization of abortion in Ireland, in a 2018 referendum that has since cost the lives of over 20,000 unborn babies.  

In a video created by Amnesty International Ireland, replete with anti-Catholic imagery and pro-abortion rhetoric, Neeson used his soft Irish accent to coerce the Irish voter to repeal the 8th Amendment - an amendment that respected the right to life of the unborn.

“A ghost haunts Ireland, a cruel ghost of the last century," Neeson said in the video with a Catholic church in the background.  

Calling for the Irish public to vote for abortion, Neeson said that: "Ireland doesn’t have to be chained to its past. It’s time to lay this ghost to rest.” 

A few days before the evil abortion vote in 2018, Neeson wrote: “On May 25, we have a once in a generation opportunity. It's time to care for women at home. It's time to respect women's right to make decisions that are right for them and their families. It's time for us, as men, to stand with women.” 

SIGN: We are praying for Liam Neeson to repent and return to the Faith 

More recently, Neeson has shared his involvement in an upcoming movie about the unfounded, yet widely believed, allegation that Irish Catholic nuns murdered and threw 800 dead babies in a septic tank in the early 1900s.  

Catholic Arena reported: “Neeson is set to star in a new film about the so called ‘Tuam Babies’ based on the debunked conspiracy theory which claims that nuns murdered 800 babies and threw them into a septic tank, despite an exhaustive state report proving otherwise and despite the death certs of all 800 babies being available online, showing that none were in fact ‘murdered’.”

Ironically, this false narrative about babies being murdered and thrown in a septic tank was used as a battering ram to undermine the credibility of pro-life Catholics and thereby legalize the killing of unborn babies, many of whom the health service in Ireland now say should be flushed of down the toilet after taking the abortion pill. 

SIGN: We ask Liam Neeson to stop pushing false, anti-Catholic narratives 

The actor has spoken fondly about his childhood growing up as a Catholic in Northern Ireland and of his late mother's unwavering devotion to Catholicism. Neeson said the devotion to Catholicism of his mother’s generation was a “very beautiful, simple faith.”  

In an interview with MovieGuide, Neeson said: “There’s always a little light that goes off in my head when I read a script that’s faith-based in some way. I was brought up quite a staunch Catholic. I was an altar boy for quite a few years as a kid. The Church has always appealed to me in some way, especially when I became an actor, and I’m certainly questing after God and the nature of God. So, I am drawn to it, I must admit.” 

Neeson has said that he has “had personal experiences of God’s love, beautiful and calming, all the things the Psalms talk about.” 

SIGN: We pray that Liam Neeson first returns to his Catholic faith, and then spreads the Word of God on Hallow  

The Irish actor has spoken positively about his new role with Hallow by calling it a “great prayer, meditation app” and said its message is “pretty incredible.” 

“I've partnered together with Hallow for this project to help guide folks through some beautiful meditations and it'll be an honor to journey through them with the community on the app,” he said. 

We ask the producers of the app Hallow to consider removing Liam Nesson if he refuses to repent of the harm he has caused to the Catholic faith and countless unborn children. 

SIGN & SHARE: We pray that Liam Neeson repents and finds Christ