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PETITION: Support Nebraska Governor attacked for declaring day of prayer to end abortion

Please support Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts against attacks by the Freedom from Religion Foundation for proclaiming a day of prayer to end abortion.
  • 8,582

PETITION: Boycott the Super Bowl for airing ad with drag queens

Boycott the Super Bowl for allowing advertisers to use this family-friendly event to push drag queens and homosexuality on impressionable children.
  • 27,122

PETITION: Dump Netflix over video depicting Jesus as a homosexual

Partial Victory as judge orders Netflix to remove blasphemous film depicting Christ as a homosexual. Now, take the next step and dump your subscription!
  • 77,786

PETITION: Tell Hallmark No LGBT Christmas movies!

After flip-flopping on LGBT ads, Christians must SAY NO to a Hallmark executive's suggestion to include LGBT-themed movies in the future. Please Sign the petition, today!
  • 56,661

SIGN open letter to Pope Francis: Honor Mother Mary, not Mother Earth

Supported by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, faithful Catholics invoke saints and call on the Holy Father to encourage honor to Our Lady, not to "Mother Earth".
  • 1,712

PETITION: Support Toronto Catholic school trustees for protecting children from transgender ideology

Toronto Catholic School District Board members Mike Del Grande, Teresa Lubinski, Garry Tanuan and Nancy Crawford need your support for voting to protect vulnerable children from false gender ideology in Catholic schools.
  • 3,130

PETITION: Norwegian Post must pull ad suggesting sex between postman and Virgin Mary

Outraged Christians are telling Norwegian Post (Posten Norge) to pull their ad suggesting sex between the Blessed Virgin Mary and their postman.
  • 1,897

PETITION: House and Senate Republicans must reject anti-Christian, anti-free-speech "Fairness for All" Legislation

Republicans have just introduced a new bill which - by its lack of definition - is as dangerous to free speech and the freedom of religion as the Democrats' Equality Act.
  • 443

PETITION: Support Sheriff against leftist group who says he can't invoke prayer

A left-wing group is demanding that a sheriff stop asking the public to pray for victims and families of tragedies. Support their decision not to bow to such pressure.
  • 1,424

PETITION: Urge Franciscan order to apologize for Christmas card featuring Pachamama idol

The Franciscan Order (OFMs) must apologize for a "Christmas" greeting which shows the Blessed Virgin Mary and the pagan pachamama idol.
  • 2,366