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PETITION: Demand the CBC remove sex, drugs, polygamy aimed at kids on Snapchat ads

Demand that Canada's national broadcaster remove Snapchat content promoting sex, drugs, and polygamy to children.
  • 2,631

PETITION: Support Catholic Bishop who is calling for a boycott on LGBT 'Pride'

Support Bishop Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, who is calling on Catholics to avoid so-called LGBT 'pride' events because they are "contrary to [the] Catholic faith and morals," and, as they are "especially harmful for children".
  • 27,486

PETITION: Join Prayer Pledge for Cardinal Pell's Appeal Success

Prayers are being pledged in advance of Cardinal Pell's appeal against his controversial conviction - that justice is served and that he be exonerated, according to God's Will.
  • 4,024

PETITION: Tell Gillette to pull transgender shaving ad

Popular razor blade company Gillette has once again turned to social engineering to promote its brand. Ask Gillette to remove their most recent ad and reconsider their biased ad strategy.
  • 1,053

SIGN THE PETITION: Canadian film distributors should release pro-life 'Unplanned' film

Tell Canadian film distributors want to silence the pro-life message of Unplanned, a film that recounts how a Planned Parenthood abortion leader left the industry and became a pro-life advocate.
  • 5,325

SIGN THE PETITION: Pennsylvania lawmaker must resign for attacking pro-lifers

Demand radical State Rep. Brian Sims step down!
  • 12,627

SIGN THE PETITION: Tell the IRS the Satanic Temple is not a 'church'

The group is diabolical and should not have tax exempt status
  • 1,951

PETITION: Tell Uber to RESPECT driver conscience on abortion!

Uber must respect their drivers' conscientious objection to driving passengers to get abortions, and other activities which end human life.
  • 11,282

PETITION: Send a message of hope to pro-lifer Mary Wagner jailed in BC

Send a message of hope to Mary Wagner who is in jail, awaiting a court appearance, for trying to save women and children from abortion in Vancouver, BC.
  • 3,251

PETITION: Tell UN Chief to condemn anti-Christian attacks in Sri Lanka

After hundreds of Christians were murdered in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, this petition tells the UN Secretary-General, Ant├│nio Guterres, to call on the international community to "stand united against anti-Christian hatred", just as he did for Muslims after the attacks in New Zealand.
  • 20,114