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PETITION: Call on FTC to investigate GoFundMe after shutting down Truckers' page

SIGN and ask the Federal Trade Commission to investigate GoFundMe for potential "unfair or deceptive acts or practices" after shutting down the Truckers' Freedom Convoy page when it reached $10 million.

  • 21,240

PETITION: Urge U.S. bishops to stop transgender infiltration of Catholic seminaries

Some Catholic seminaries have unknowingly accepted women identifying as 'trans men.' Urge U.S. bishops to ensure that this never happens in their dioceses!

  • 8,758

PETITION: Free Novak Djokovic - and let him play!

Call on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, and all concerned federal authorities to acknowledge tennis champion Novak Djokovic's medical exemption from the Covid vaccine and reinstate his visa!

  • 104,465

PETITION: The Supreme Court MUST Block Biden's Vaccine Mandates!

SIGN this petition encouraging Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court to rule against both the CMS and OSHA vaccine mandates pushed by the Biden Administration.

  • 24,894

PETITION: STOP Medical Discrimination at the Ronald McDonald House!

SIGN and SHARE this petition telling the Ronald McDonald House BC and Yukon to stop discriminating against families due to their vaccination status!

  • 17,019

PETITION: BOYCOTT IKEA for Discriminatory Policies Towards Unvaccinated Workers!

SIGN this petition calling on IKEA's executive leadership to revoke its policy in the U.K. decreasing sick pay for unvaccinated workers who've been exposed to Covid!

  • 36,200

PETITION: Stand for Medical Freedom & Boycott T-Mobile!

SIGN and SHARE this important petition to BOYCOTT T-Mobile unless they revoke their intrusive, coercive employee vaccination mandate!

  • 7,275

PETITION: Ban Critical Race Theory in public schools

Demand your state lawmakers ban dangerous Critical Race Theory in public schools.

  • 9,734

PETITION: Appeal to Catholic Leaders to reject abortion-tainted COVID vaccines and mandates!

Demand that Catholic leaders take a firm stand against the abortion-tainted Covid "vaccine" and reject all intrusive mandates!

  • 12,112

HELP AUSTRALIANS restore their freedom by protesting outside YOUR Australian Embassy - Dec. 4th - US

SIGN our petition and ATTEND a protest to help Australians regain their freedoms of speech, assembly and travel. Click for more information!

  • 7,063