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PETITION: Shocking teen-trans Sprite ad must be pulled immediately

An Argentine video advertising Sprite depicts children, teens and adults encouraging cross-dressing and transgenderism. We are demanding that it be pulled immediately!
  • 1,936

PETITION: Bishops, please stop funding organizations which promote abortion, contraception, homosexuality and Marxism

The CCHD is a highly controversial wing of the USCCB, which promotes anti-Church teaching in the name of fighting poverty. Please ask your local bishop to withdraw the diocese from the CCHD collection.
  • 11,639

PETITION: Ban puberty blockers on children for 'gender transition'

The public outcry over a Texas woman who was facilitating her son's transition into a girl has sparked legal moves to bar the gender-transitioning of minors at a state and federal level.
  • 13,631

PETITION: Call on Vatican to keep out all "pagan" symbols from St. Peter's and Vatican Property!

UPDATE: Cardinal Burke backs a call for reparation, so that the diabolical forces, which entered St. Peter's with the Pachamama idol, are vanquished.
  • 22,513

Prayer Pledge: Pray for Kanye West as he promotes Jesus, pro-life, anti-porn message

Prayerfully support Kanye West's total surrender to Christ. His pro-life, anti-porn message is strong evidence of Jesus' transformative power.
  • 6,367

PETITION: Keep Prostitution Illegal in DC

Ask Senate Leader McConnell to help stop the legalization of prostitution in our nation's Capital. Prostitution turns people into sex objects which can be bought and sold, and it harms family life, but the DC City Council is trying to decriminalize it in spite of many warnings.
  • 9,934

PETITION: Support Catholic university President who said 'No' to Planned Parenthood

Support Seattle University's (a Catholic university) president, Fr. Stephen Sundborg, SJ, who directed that references to Planned Parenthood be removed from the university's online health resources.
  • 16,643

SIGN THE PETITION: Bishops, please stop Fr. Martin's LGBT advocacy

Fr. Martin undermines Church teaching on marriage and sexuality
  • 19,212

PETITION: Support Dad and Texas Governor's bid to save 7-year-old boy from being turned into girl #ProtectJamesYounger

A young boy (pictured, sword fighting with his brother) is being forced to live as a girl by his mother. Support the father and the Texas Governor in the battle to protect this boy from an assault on the most fundamental of rights. Please pray for the boys and father, and all involved in this case.
  • 89,585

SUPPORT Judge Kemp - the judge who gave her Bible to a convicted killer

Judge Tammy Kemp needs our support because she is being unfairly attacked by an atheist group for giving a Bible to the convicted murderer, Amber Guyger, after the trial had ended.
  • 18,964