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Tell the LA Dodgers NOT to honor 'trans nuns' mocking Catholicism

Anti-Catholic drag takes center stage.

  • 16,895

Tell Donald Trump he MUST support abortion-ban legislation

The former president suggested it is ''too harsh''.

  • 10,884

Remove Abp. Paglia from Pontifical Academy for Life after assisted-suicide comments

The Italian has repeatedly undermined the Church's defense of human life.

  • 7,020

Artur Pawlowski's son MUST NOT be fined or jailed for protecting kids from Drag Queens

Police detained Pawlowski under new bylaw banning certain protests against LGBT events.

  • 8,356

Urge Elon Musk to label the CBC as 'Government-funded Media' on Twitter

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation does Justin Trudeau’s bidding without question.

  • 5,054

URGENT: Stand with Donald Trump as he faces charges brought by Soros-backed DA

Speak out against this weaponization of the justice system.

  • 5,901

Boycott United Airlines until they permanently drop their unlawful Covid jab mandate

The airline must apologize for firing the unvaccinated.

  • 6,953